Mithos in 3D!  

It's Been A While!

Hello, friend!  It's been quite a while since I last spoke with you.  I believe almost 2 months now?  I'm sorry for the rather late update, but this has been an extremely stressful time for me. At this point in development I am completely at the mercy of the artists that I am able to find.  I've had a lot of people flake out on me, leaving me with a bit less money and a lot less time.  Even the 3D models have gotten more expensive than originally quoted, so I had to go around and price check to try and find better deals to get you the amount of content you deserve. It's been difficult, and I'm kind of in awe at how little reliable talent there is in the freelance market right now.  It got pretty depressing for a while, and I didn't have a whole lot of stuff to show for the time being spent on the project.  I felt like I needed to just go into silent mode for a little bit while I focused all my energy on trying to wrangle things back on track.

And Now...

So I pushed through it all, and I've finally gotten the luck I needed.  I've gotten some better deals on the models (though still more expensive than planned), a higher quality for them, and the concept art is coming along at a faster pace. I read a lot of the comments about the new Mithos and Elise and noticed that a few people were a bit shocked at how different they were.  I and many others loved the previous designs, but I have respect for you and your opinions and I want to make sure we're all happy. So I found another character artist from Japan, Aiko-san, and she has been doing a terrific job re-imagining the characters.  After spending some time perfecting them we have sent them off to be modeled.  I can't tell you how pleased I am with the results.  They have really taken Soul Saga up to a new level of production quality. I could talk more about how awesome these designs and models are, but how about I show you a couple instead?

New Mithos

Mithos has been redesigned to be a bit more reminiscent of his original design: brighter with a blue and red color scheme and big sword.  I have to say that this design is pretty amazing.  As soon as I saw it I knew he would be a perfect fit to represent the main character of Soul Saga.  Say hello to the new Mithos! Mithos in 3D!Mithos in 3D!

New Elise

Elise has taken a turn to the more practical and mature look.  This role should fit her a lot better for the story I have planned.  I love this design because it hits a good medium between the cute and mature that the story needs from her.  You'll probably also notice that she has a mechanical leg.  This is an important element to her past that will be revealed in the story.  I know a lot of people are accustomed to her holding the more cute and innocent role, but that role will be picked up by another unannounced Guild Member.  I am hoping to unveil that one as a Christmas present for you! Elise in 3D!Elise in 3D!

Easter Eggs

Even though these new versions are amazing, I know that a lot of us still have some emotional attachment to the original designs.  I spent my sweat and blood getting those models long before the Kickstarter.  It was a painful decision for me to change them even though I love the new designs.  So... I've decided to keep the old designs as Easter Eggs in Soul Saga!  How exactly they'll be implemented shall remain a secret, but I promise they'll make it in there!

Elise Figurine Poll

Near the end of Soul Saga's development I am going to message everyone who ordered an Elise figurine and get a poll on which version you want.  I know some people may still be attached to the original and want a version of that instead of the new one.  Personally I think that the new Elise looks great, and I can even chibify her for the model if you want that. There's also an unreleased character I think that might fit the "moe" (cute) nerve that a lot of us are looking for.  I'll give you a few options once that time comes, but that might be nearly half a year from now.  I want you to have time to grow attached to the new characters before we make this final decision together.  The majority vote will decide which model is created.

New Song By Aivi!

Aivi has created a song for the Goblin Village titled "The Bone Road"!  I LOVE this song.  I've been whistling it for days.  It has a catchy and unique tune that really captures the quirky Goblin culture in it.  The Goblins are going to be a bit of a gray area culture that has a mix of aggressive and neutral tribes scattered about the world.  Mithos and his team will have several encounters with different Goblin tribes. http://youtu.be/LbBf9naupnk

Let's Play Final Fantasy 7!

I miss you!   Plus I need a fix of one of my favorite classics, and I picked Final Fantasy 7 up on Steam on sale for dirt cheap a few months ago.  So let's hang out on Twitch!  This stream will have a lot better sound and video quality since I can stream it from my PC instead of from the Playstation 2.  How about we meet up Sunday, December 8th at 5 P.M. Pacific Time.  This will be at the usual spot: www.twitch.tv/disastercake Bring your questions, drinks, and snacks!