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Table of Contents
What the Heck is Soul Saga?
When Do I Get To Play?
Can I Pre-Order Soul Saga?
So What’s In This Game?
So There’s A Story?


What the heck is Soul Saga?

Soul Saga is a single player role playing game (or “RPG” to us nerds) for PC, Mac, and Linux.  It’s inspired by all the awesome PlayStation classics like Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Persona, and Suikoden!

It will be released for PC, Mac, and Linux.  I’m also planning to attempt ports to the PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and WiiU after the Desktop version is complete.  I will reveal more information regarding the ports once Soul Saga has jumped through all of the hoops required for getting port acceptance.

This video contains the old art design.  After Soul Saga’s very successful Kickstarter campaign we enhanced the art to make Soul Saga even more unique and beautiful.  I will update this page with the new art style closer to release.

When Do I Get To Play?

Soul Saga is still in development, and I will state a release date when everyone involved is absolutely-positively sure it’s all done and ready for your enjoyment!

Can I Pre-Order Soul Saga?

Yes! The Kickstarter is over, but you can pre-order the DRM free version of Soul Saga for PC, Linux, and Mac by using the widgets below.  DRM-Free means that you don’t need any special CD Keys to get the game working.  You just simply download and install it!

Your purchase will be made through a very trusted online store called Humble Bundle, which allows thousands of indie developers to easily get their games to you.  A purchase grants you access to builds for the PC, Linux, and Mac through Humble Bundle when they are ready.  In the meantime, you will also have access to a complimentary forum key that will grant you access to the Disastercake Forums where you can hang out with other Soul Saga fans.


Game Only (For PC, Mac, and Linux)


Game + Art Book + Sound Track

If you would also like the beautiful digital “Making of Soul Saga” art book or amazing sound track by Aivi Tran, I am offering them as a bundle deal with the game below.



Game + Art Book + Sound Track + Beta Access

And this bundle is for those who would also like to be in the beta.  This will allow you to get your voice heard when it matters most.  The beta will begin in December or earlier and will be for PC, Linux, and Mac.


So what’s in this Game?

  • Turn Based combat similar to classic JRPGs from the Playstation era.
  • Beautiful anime styled character designs both 3D and 2D.
  • Professional voice acting that helps bring the story to life.
  • Airship combat, Guild Jobs, Guild Battles, Epic monster battles and more await you in the world of Oterra!

So There’s A Story?

Heck ya there is.  I’m starting to trickle out official story information now, so keep up to date by subscribing to the Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages!


Floating Islands Small


Oterra was a once lush and vibrant world, but it’s surface is now wasted after the events of an ancient cataclysm.  The planet is now split into 3 distinguishable layers: the Sky Islands of Medonia, the Tempest Reef, and the Surface World of Oterra.

The Cataclysm

This cataclysm was caused by a mysterious corruption called Ink that mutated the world’s creatures into monsters called Inkheart.  The Inkheart ravaged society and mercilessly destroyed civilizations as they spread across the world.  The last haven for humanity, Medonia, was saved by a mysterious man called the Philosopher.  The Philosopher introduced the science of Alchemy to Medonia’s people under the condition they stop using machinery.  They complied, and took up arms using their new Alchemical powers, but it was too late.  The Dragons of Oterra had succumbed to the Ink corruption and joined the assault against Medonia.  As a last effort, the Philosopher used his powers to raise Medonia off of the planet and into the sky, setting it safely on the clouds above and out of the reach of the Dragons.

Medonia and Guilds

Medonia is a floating city in the sky called home by millions of people.  It is a democratic nation run by 9 Guild Masters (The World Council) that the citizens vote into office every few years.  There are hundreds of Guilds in Medonia that act similar to contracting agencies for different types of jobs that assist society and its citizens.  These jobs range from extermination of monsters, to body guards, and even special delivery services.  There are many regulations for Guilds that restrict them from becoming too powerful or corrupt.  Some examples are that every Guild member is legally responsible for the actions of other Guild members, and Guilds are not allowed to sell goods directly to the general public.  Regulations like these help keep the Guilds in order and also prevent citizens from feeling they are required to join one to live their lives to the fullest.

The Golden Dawn

The most prominent religion is the Order of the Golden Dawn, which strictly upholds the original teachings of the Philosopher, including his banning of machinery.  Contrary to the Golden Dawn’s beliefs, machines have started to increase in popularity after hundreds of years without them.  The Golden Dawn publicly pushes for government regulations against machinery, and it has been rumored that they are also involved in shady terrorist acts of sabotaging machinery that results in injuring thousands of people.

The Tempest Reef

The Tempest Reef is a protective barrier of storm clouds that Medonia sits on.  This barrier is the only thing keeping the islands safe from the terrors of the Ink corruption that ravages the planet below.  Nothing can pass through the Tempest Reef without being utterly annihilated.

And Now…

300 years after it’s conception, the Tempest Reef is weakening, and the Islands of Medonia are dying and falling from the sky.  There are rumors of a passage called Cloud’s End that will allow a ship passage through the Tempest Reef to the surface world below.  It is assumed that Mithos’ father had found this passage, but he left no trace of its existence behind.  The Guilds of Medonia now search for Cloud’s End in hope to find a cure for their dying islands somewhere on the surface of Oterra.

Soul Saga Mithos Bio


Mithos is an optimistic young man with a love for adventure.  His life dream is to become the strongest Guild Master in the world, a title currently held by his late father.

Mithos loves his mother, but hates his dad.  This attitude has evolved from years of Mithos’ father always being away for work, and him also being used as a measuring stick for Mithos by his teachers and peers.

About 10 years ago, Mithos’ father took his Guild down to the surface of Oterra to destroy the King of the Dragons so that the people of Medonia could once again live in their ancient home world.  Even though Mithos’ father lead the strongest and most influential Guild in history, none of them have been seen since they left.

This year, Mithos graduates from his University, and is ready to finally take the steps towards his dream.  Determined to earn the title of “World’s Strongest Guild Master” for himself, Mithos has joined the race to save Medonia.  Except he’s not looking for a cure for the islands; he has his eyes set on doing the one thing his dad couldn’t: killing the King of the Dragons.  But to have a chance he’ll need a lot of strong allies, so that’s why he’s starting a guild… right now!




Elise is a passionate inventor and talented engineer with the dream to become the best mechanic in Medonia.  She likes to point out that she’s also the cutest mechanic in Medonia, which is true considering that it’s a male dominated profession.  She’s been friends with Mithos since they were children.  Even though they’ve been together their whole lives, Elise still finds it irritating that Mithos is absolutely terrible when it comes to machines.  She has a very strict policy of treating machines like equals, not as simple tools, and tends to get a little violent around people who don’t follow the same mentality.  Elise is reluctant to follow Mithos on his insanely dangerous adventure, but she struggles with her secret love for him.  Will she really let Mithos face the World Eater alone?



Max is a burly robot with the most advanced artificial intelligence ever developed, but its usefulness is stunted by the fact he portrays the maturity level of a young child.  He sometimes tends to be on the shy side, but will jump to Elise’s aid at the slightest sense of danger.  He looks up to Mithos as a role model and hopes to one day be as brave as him.  Max is constantly hunted by a notorious bounty hunter group for reasons he refuses to reveal to his friends.  Why is the bounty on Max so large, and for how long can Mithos and Elise keep their robot friend safe?