What’s a Disastercake?


Disastercake is an indie game development company dedicated to perfecting a blend of sweet Eastern art styles with awesome Westernized gameplay.  The company was unofficially founded inside the brain of Mike Gale around 2008, and officially founded by him in 2013.  After over 5 years of sweat, tears, and the consumption of countless 10 cent ramen packages… the dream is finally becoming reality.  You can find further reading on this juicy topic here: “Short Story of Mike Gale and Soul Saga”

So you make games or somethin’?


Hecks ya I do!  And not just ANY games… we’re talking about that high quality stuff you can’t get on musty store shelves.  It’s called indie, baby!  And it’s what’s for dinner.

I love da indies! What games have you made?


Well, I’m MAKING a game.  It’s called Soul Saga and it’s being made for the PC, Mac, and Linux.  I’m also going to attempt to port it to the PS4, Vita, and WiiU!  Soul Saga had a very successful Kickstarter campaign that has allowed it to increase the production value of the art assets and allow me to work on the game full time!

Who works on Soul Saga?


I am the only person who works on Soul Saga full time, but I commission all of the art assets from different talented people across the globe.

Where do I get a registration key for the forums?


If you are a Paypal or Kickstarter backer, you can enter your e-mail address in the Humble Bundle Key resender to receive your code to your Paypal address or the address that you specified in the Kickstarter survey.  If you pre-ordered through the Humble Budget widget, you can find the key in your Humble Bundle account.  If you’re having trouble, please e-mail contact@humblebundle.com and the nice folks at Humble Bundle will try to resolve your issue.

I pledged to the Kickstarter (or Paypal), but didn’t get a key to my e-mail… what gives, yo?!


I’m very sorry for the confusion!  Humble Bundle’s systems didn’t allow for them to mass e-mail backers that had been added to their systems.  To retrieve your key you will need to plug in the e-mail you supplied on the Kickstarter survey (or your Paypal e-mail) into this Humble Bundle Key Resender.  You should then get an e-mail with a list of all your Humble Bundle games, including Soul Saga!  If that doesn’t work, please message me at mike@disastercake.com and I will be glad to assist you!

I have my Humble Bundle page, but I can’t find the forum key… help me!


This one can be a little tricky, so it’s totally understandable if you missed it!  Please follow the steps below:

1. Goto your Humble bundle library.

Humble Bundle My Library

2. Find the subtle, gray navigation bar at the very bottom of the page and click on “Keys”

Keys Button

3. Find the “Soul Saga – Forum Key” that is listed and click on the gray link to the right under the “Purchased In” column.


4. Click on the “Click here for your Soul Saga – Forum Key” link to claim the Disastercake Forum registration key!  Note: This link should appear here for every Soul Saga page, and not just the Guild Master’s edition.  If it does not, please e-mail Humble Bundle support at contact@humblebundle.com to get it resolved.

Soul Saga Humble Bundle Claim Page

I forgot my forum password!


There is a forum password reset system you can find here: http://forums.disastercake.com/ucp.php?mode=sendpassword

The message should arrive immediately if you supplied the correct username and e-mail combination.  Please check your junk mail if it does not arrive within a few minutes.  If you try a couple times and it never arrives, please send a message to mike@disastercake.com with your forum key and I will manually reset your password for you.

I wanna ask you a question…


I prefer people ask questions about the game publicly on Disastercake’s Forum. This helps everyone benefit from the time spent answering questions.  However, you may also contact me privately at mike@disastercake.com.  My e-mail has been known to send some senders to the spam folder, so please try Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ private messaging if you do not get a response.

Can I upload Disastercake songs or videos to my Youtube channel?


If you are commentating over a pre-existing video, showing off gameplay footage you recorded yourself,  doing a cover of a song, or some other form of original content creation, then sure!  You can even monetize on those if you like!  Just please remember to supply an easily accessed URL to www.disastercake.com and credit the game you are using material from.

If you are taking our video, or a portion of the video, and just uploading it without any of your original commentary adding to the video, then please do not do that.  If you are wanting to help Disastercake games get exposure, then adding a video from our Youtube channel to a playlist or just simply sharing the original video link would be much more helpful than re-uploading our existing videos!