What’s a Disastercake?

Disastercake is an indie game development company dedicated to perfecting a blend of sweet Eastern art styles with awesome Westernized gameplay.  The company was unofficially founded inside the brain of Mike Gale around 2008, and officially founded by him in 2013.  After over 5 years of sweat, tears, and the consumption of countless 10 cent ramen packages… the dream is finally becoming reality.  You can find further reading on this juicy topic here: “Short Story of Mike Gale and Soul Saga”

So you make games or somethin’?

Hecks ya I do!  And not just ANY games… we’re talking about that high quality stuff you can’t get on musty store shelves.  It’s called indie, baby!  And it’s what’s for dinner.

I love da indies! What games have you made?

Well, I’m MAKING a game.  It’s called Soul Saga and it’s currently slated for late 2014 for the PC, Mac, and Linux.  We had a very successful Kickstarter campaign that has allowed us to increase the production value of the art assets and allow me to work on the game full time!

Who works on Soul Saga?

I am the only person who works on Soul Saga full time, but I commission all of the art assets from different talented people across the globe.

Where do I get a registration key for the forums?

Pretty soon Humble Bundle will be distributing keys to all Kickstarter and Paypal backers, and will also distribute them to anyone who preorders the game from Humble Bundle.  The keys will hopefully be sent out sometime soon.

I wanna ask you a question…

I prefer people ask questions about the game publicly on Disastercake’s Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages. This helps get stuff answered for everyone, and forces me to be a little more active with the public.  However, you may also contact me privately at mike@disastercake.com.