Happy New Year, Friend!

Hey, it's nice to see you again!   What have you been up to?  How's your new year going?  I'm sure you can guess what I've been up to... Yup!  I've just been working on Soul Saga!  Have you made a new years resolution yet?  I've made mine, and it's to release Soul Saga by...

June 2016!

Move over monkey, cause' this here's the year of the Soul Saga!  I'm vigorously crunching away at over 100 hours a week to get Soul Saga's PC, Mac, and Linux versions to you by June of this year, and then consoles should be very soon after that.  This is just an ETA, so it could be a little bit earlier or later, but will definitely be around that time. EXCITING!!! It's been a long journey and the finish line is in sight.  Thank you very much for always being there for me every step of the way.  I can't wait to finally share Soul Saga with you!  In celebration, any children born this year should be named Mithos, Elise, or Cake!


There will be a beta update containing airship mechanics in the next update.  It's technically ready now, but I'd like to polish it up a bit more before sending it off for your approval.  This update will include the main components of what I've been working on for you in regards to airship mechanics.  These include...

Mithos' Airship

Mithos' first airship is a cute and practical Koi model; a modest beginning for a not-so-modest young man.  In Medonia, airships don't grow on trees.  Wait... do they anywhere?  Anyways!  In the final version of Soul Saga the airship is earned through a hard earned journey, but in the (next) beta you'll receive the airship as soon as you visit the docks for the sake of  testing. Soul Saga Mithos Airship

Airship Exploration

One of the biggest inspirations of Soul Saga is Skies of Arcadia, and it's kept true to that with the addition of the most important feature... airship exploration! https://youtu.be/FsNUSvZYMCk   Airship Exploration is experienced from a third person view behind the airship.  Some of the things you can do are:


The skies of Medonia are a vast and beautiful landscape that invite one to ponder on the smaller things in life, like which came first: the Squabble or the egg?  But whose got time to count the Torne hairs?!  Kick your adventure into overdrive with the boost engine! https://youtu.be/koZq9xWIuzc


While boosting you can break through smaller rocks and debris to collect goodies like ores and other minerals! Soul Saga Airship Mining


You can also catch fish that are floating around in schools.  These can be sold or used for cooking in Soul Saga's unique lunchbox crafting system! Soul Saga Airship Fishing


Battles in the Soul Saga Airship system are initiated just like on the field system.  You simply make contact with an enemy and you'll be placed in battle mode!  Prepare yourself! Soul Saga Airship Combat Initiation

And more!

... and more more that will be discussed in future updates! On a technical note, the airship exploration uses a character controller instead of physics for movement for the sake of having more direct control over the airship.

Airship Combat

We had a poll on the Disastercake forum regarding your opinion on whether airship combat should be turn-based or real time.  The votes leaned in favor of real-time, and so I got quick to work on a prototype for you! I experimented with the battle system quite a bit, and in the end the angle that felt best was the side view.  This is because our characters are designed to be seen from the side, and we also have a gorgeous horizon line. Soul Saga Airship Combat At the moment I'm utilizing Unity's physics engine to give a gradual acceleration and deceleration feeling, like if you were trying to drive a boat in real life.  This helps set a skill bar that requires a bit of practice to maneuver, but is still easy to handle at its basics.  When you get your hands on it in the next update, I'd love to get your opinion on how it feels! Most of the special effects and particles are placeholder and will be enhanced during the polishing phases.

Airship Shop

You can also outfit your airship with different equipment to use different weapons, achieve new speeds, and increase your health points!  The airship shop is located at the docks where you launch from.

Airship Music

Journey of the Flying Koi (Airship Exploration Theme)

Aivi Tran created this piece a while ago and I've been itching to show it off at just the right time... which is now!  This song is heard through several of the Airship exploration zones throughout Soul Saga. https://youtu.be/TaWw5KWNrZI

Rough Sailing (Airship Battle Theme)

Ryan Camus has been hard at work filling out the remainder of Soul Saga's soundtrack, and he's doing an amazing job at it!  Here are two songs he's dong for the airship zones: the battle theme and the boss theme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oH1EQL6hfmE  

Max Altitude (Airship Boss Theme)


A Better Sky

Now that we're seeing the horizon line constantly in airship exploration mode, we decided it was time to start making our own skies!  Zahra researched skyboxes and came up with something beautiful.  I hope you like it! Soul Saga Sky Box

Collective Brainstorming

We currently have a discussion going on in the Disastercake Forums regarding the naming of the goblin species in Soul Saga.  The word "Goblin" works, but I'm planning to change it to something more unique.  I thought "which of my friends are clever and creative?" and you were the first to come to mind! If you have any ideas, please visit us in the forums and drop a vote or comment. =) Goblin Race Name Voting Thread Soul Saga Goblin Balloon Soul Saga Goblin Colored Soul Saga Goblin Town Concept

So... what do you think?!

This has been an exciting update to write up for you.  I'm trembling with anticipation as we move closer to releasing Soul Saga.  Please let me know what you think in today's forum thread! Soul Saga Update 25 Forum Thread