Hello, Friend!

Hello, Friend!  How have you been?  Is the fall season treating you well?  I hope everything is going as well for you as it is for Soul Saga!

Beta v7.5 is Live!

I've updated the Soul Saga Beta build for you on Humble Bundle.  The new version is Beta 7.5 and it brings with it some good progress, especially in regards to optimizations.  I've gotten several reports of individuals who want to be able to run Soul Saga on weaker PCs, so I'm trying my best to make it run as smoothly as possible for you. As always, please remember to delete old Save files before playing the beta!

House Interiors Added

Getting to explore the inside of strangers' houses and taking their loot in the name of heroism is everyone's favorite part of good RPGs, right?!  That's why we've added interiors to all of the houses in Soul Saga!  They've been added to the beta, and you can check some of them out in Dragontree Village! Mithos Inside

Bug Reporting

The contributions made by Soul Saga's beta testers have been amazing.  I wouldn't be able to polish Soul Saga so well without you!  So to help ease the process of bug reporting, I've added a third party plugin for in-game bug reports.  This report will send me an output log of the game data, a summary of your hardware and operating system information, a screenshot, your explanation of what happened, and an e-mail address (optionally) to contact you with further questions. To open the bug report menu, either left click 3 times on the very top-left side of the screen (there is an invisible button there), or use Ctrl+Alt+B on Windows and Linux, or Ctrl+Option+B on Mac to open it up. Soul Saga Bug Report Plugin


Optimizing the performance of a game is a constant balance as you add content, especially for 3D games. It's also one of the most important aspects to Soul Saga since it will be on so many different platforms and must be compatible between them all.  And more importantly, I want to try my best to make sure that none of Soul Saga's backers are left out of the game if they have weaker PCs!  One of the recent optimizations I made to Soul Saga was switching from Unity's default shadow system to an optimized projection shadow system.  This not only greatly optimizes Soul Saga so it runs better on a wider range of hardware, but also adds a better aesthetic appeal.  This technique is used in many of the lower poly AAA games like Zelda and Pokemon on the Nintendo 3DS. Soul Saga Projection Shadows

Airship Combat Voting

Very soon I will be moving on to the auxiliary components of Soul Saga, one of which includes Airship Combat.  In the past we didn't cover much about Airship Combat because I needed to feel the game as a whole to see what type of element would work best for it.  At this point in Soul Saga's development I can get a strong grasp on how all of the pieces are connected and, most importantly, how they feel to a gamer.  I'm now ready to develop the Airship Combat and am interested in exploring the option of an arcade styled shooter to help add more texture and variety to Soul Saga's gameplay, rather than another turn based system.  However, I am willing to do whatever you feel is best for your enjoyment, and so I've started a poll on the Disastercake forums to get your opinion on this element (and many others).  Please take a moment to stop by the poll and place an anonymous vote, or drop a comment in the thread detailing the reason for your decision.  You can find the Airship Combat voting poll here: http://forums.disastercake.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=805 SoulSaga Koi Airship

The Excellent State of Development

I'm very pleased to say that Soul Saga's development continues to go well and the core development of Soul Saga is about 90% complete.  All of the environment models are complete and there is a game loop with all of the scenes in place and getting filled out with polished content over time.  All of the character models are complete and there's just a couple NPC animations left to do.  I've also brought on a writer and level designer to help me finish up Soul Saga more quickly for you. Also, Nozomi has generously donated her time to help me out with Level Design work.  She takes my initial instructions on the dungeon design and helps plan out the maps and lays out all of the environment art onto the scenes.  This will drastically help to decrease delivery time and increase quality.  Nozomi has been working closely with me for a while now on this and is planning to be finished by the end of this month. The auxiliary components have been prototyped and will be finalized after I have all of my other core work complete.  There is a release date in mind and if things continue to go well this month, I am hoping I can share the ETA for Soul Saga's completion date in the next update.

Looking for a UI Artist!

Now that we're nearing the end of Soul Saga I'm in need of a UI artist to give a special touch to Soul Saga.  This position will require both traditional art and graphic design skills.  This individual will be in charge of all aspects of the design and art creation process.  They will be in charge of making sure Soul Saga's UI is fun and artistic while maintaining functionality with a clean and readable interface.  If you know anyone interested, please have them e-mail me their portfolio at my e-mail address mike@disastercake.com.  If you've e-mailed me in the past, please do so again to let me know you're available.  Sometimes my e-mail sends legitimate letters to the junk-mail folder, so if you don't get a response within 24 hours please send me a private message on Facebook or Twitter as well.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for being awesome and showing so much support for Soul Saga!  I can't wait to finally share our game with you in the near future.  Also, feel free to stop by the Disastercake Forum and leave a message.  I love to read your thoughts!  You can find today's forum topic here: http://forums.disastercake.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=822