Hello, friend!

I missed you!  How have you been?  Soul Saga is moving along great.  My personal health took a dip a few months ago when I became bed ridden from a ruptured disc in my spine.  I have barely been able to walk, and unable to sit for about 3 months now.  The doctor says I will probably need surgery. >.< But don't worry,  I won't do something like that until Soul Saga is done.  I want to make sure I get a good game to you as soon as possible.  I've acquired a laptop so I can work from bed since I can't sit at my normal workstation.  I'm still personally clocking in ~100 hours a week on Soul Saga, so there shouldn't be any delays from my end of the project.  Today is going to be a quick update clarifying an important element of the game.

Dialogue Scenes

As shown in the Kickstarter, the majority of dialogue will be given in a 2D  theater style.  In this style we have a backdrop of the scene, and each character either on the left or right hand of the screen that are engaged in conversation.  Here is a snapshot from the current build of the game: Soul Saga Dialogue Scene between Mithos and Elise During the Kickstarter there was a large dialogue box taking up a significant portion of the screen.  Since then our art has developed into something so amazing that it really feels like it'd be a crime to not show off every beautiful pixel.  To do this I've opted for a more minimalist dialogue box design.  What do you think?

Fanart Corner

I'm always blown away with what Soul Saga fans come up with when they put their creative minds to it.  So I wanted to show a little bit of what we've gotten so far: Elise by Lemyngue Soul Saga Elise By Lemyngue Elise Animated Spray by The Doctor Straight Jacket Ai by Roy Straight Jacket Ai by Roy Max and his friend by Bluswordgrl Soul Saga Max And His Friend by bluswordgrl Cake by Nozomi Cake by Nozomi Nozomi Disastercake Cake Project   The motivation your art gives us is priceless.  Everyone is flattered that you love Soul Saga as much as we do, and we're honored to have you all be a part of Soul Saga's creation!  Thank you! Do you have any fanart to submit?  There's a place on our forum for it, but you can also message me directly at the e-mail found here if you don't have forum access yet.  Sometimes my e-mail is a little wonky and rejects some senders, so the forum is the best place for it if possible!  If you should have forum access but don't, please e-mail contact@humblebundle.com to get your forum registration key.

Attention Kickstarter Backers!

If you pledged to have a custom character designed and have not gotten in touch with me yet, please check your Kickstarter private messages.  We have gotten several backer characters done already, but there are a couple people that still need to get in touch with me.  Since we're cruising through development as fast as we can, it's imperative we get these done as soon as possible to try and fit in schedule.  Here is an example of one of our backer's, Neil Chatterjee's, characters, Deiser . Soul Saga Deiser Emotions

What do you think?

I love to hear your thoughts, so please let me know what you're thinking in the forums!  You can join us in this update's discussion thread here: http://forums.disastercake.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=372