Hello, friend!

I missed you!  How have you been?  Since the last update the team has been working hard pushing Soul Saga forward to bring you an awesome game.  We're all really excited where things are at, and today I want to show you a tiny bit of what we've been working on.


I've thrown together a quick video of some early gameplay footage for you.  This is a work in progress of the Goblin Village that you have seen the concept for previously.  Stuff is looking great, but please keep in mind the following footage is not the finished game. Since you have already seen the concept art for it, we felt that the Goblin Village would be the best one to show off .  There's a whole lot more done, and we're keeping it all fresh so that Soul Saga will be new and shiny for you when you get it! We made the pacing of the combat much faster than the Kickstarter demo based on your feedback.  Please let us know how you feel about it on the forums!

Projected Scope

When I first started the Kickstarter, I thought if I was REALLY lucky I might be able to hit that $60,000 goal and bring you a neat game.  If we had only hit that $60,000 goal, this is what I would have been able to get you:   Soul Saga would have still been a great game, but just smaller in scope.  Luckily, because of you, we were able to blow past that minimum goal and increase the scope to bring you a much more robust game, featuring:   I'm really excited to take Soul Saga up to the highest production quality we can muster.  The increased scope does mean more work, and everyone on the team is happy to take it head on.  When I had originally estimated the release date for Soul Saga, it was with only the $60,000 goal in mind.  Since our scope has changed dramatically we had to estimate a new release date.  To do this, we had to have time to analyze the new budget, finalize the team building, and get the game to a very strong point in our internal alpha. We now have almost all of our art assets completed, so we have estimated we can get Soul Saga on your PC, Linux, and Mac this Winter.  The other ports will follow soon after, but we will get to that information once the desktop version is good to go.  Soul Saga is our chance to prove to you that Disastercake can make great games.  Please hang on to your seats and enjoy the ride as we push Soul Saga forward!

Forum keys are ready!

In a previous update I had mentioned that the Humble Bundle reward pages were ready for you to pick up your forum key and secure your download page for when the beta and game are ready.  If you have not received your key, please follow the instructions on the Kickstarter page here.  If you were a Paypal backer, you should have received instructions in your e-mail.  If you did not receive this e-mail, please e-mail Humble Bundle support at: contact@humblebundle.com They are super nice folks that will get your account set straight! If you didn't get a chance to donate to Soul Saga during the Kickstarter, you can still pre-order the PC/Linux/Mac versions!  This pre-order comes with a complimentary forum registration key.  You can find the Humble Bundle pre-order widgets on the front page of our website.

Got Feedback?

Have an idea, thought, opinion, or critique for Soul Saga?  I'd love to hear it, and so would all of the other great fans like you!  We're at the point now where we would really like your critiques so we can all work together to polish Soul Saga to a nice shine.  The best way to get your idea recognized is by posting a poll in this forum.  This allows users to easily interact with your idea and to gain a tangible tally on everyone's opinion.  Soul Saga is built upon the great ideas of its fans, so getting everyone involved is the best way!  You can find instructions on how to create a poll here.  If you're just hoping for general feedback, then you can always just make a regular post as well.  It's your choice!

What do you think?

I love to chat with you and hear your thoughts!    The best place place for your critiques is in our forum, since I frequent them often and it allows all of the fans to bounce ideas around together.  Please stop by this update's forum topic here to drop a comment!