Soul Saga – Update 22 – Happy Halloween!

Soul Saga Haunted House Scene
Oct 31, 2015

Happy Halloween, Friend! I hope you’re having a great holiday!    I’ve noticed a lot of cute little ghosts, goblins, and Taylor Swifts walking up and down my road.  I’m too busy finishing up Soul Saga to celebrate this year, but maybe next year I can dress up as Mithos!  …or maybe Elise?  Hmmm…. Here’s […]

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Soul Saga Beta v7.4 Live!

Soul Saga Character Collage
Oct 13, 2015

Hello again, friend! Just a quick update today to let you know that there is an updated Soul Saga beta version titled Beta v7.4 in your Humble Bundle library ( if you’re a beta tester ). This build continues to improve the polish and stability of Soul Saga based on the invaluable feedback shared by […]

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Soul Saga Beta v7.1 is Live!

Soul Saga Torne
Jul 24, 2015

Hello again, friend! I just wanted to let you know that I made some bug fixes to the Beta v7 I sent you yesterday.  This hotfix resolves some bugs and increases performance.  If you’re a beta tester then you can find it in your Humble Bundle store with the title of Soul Saga Beta v7.1!  Also, thank […]

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Soul Saga Beta v6.1 is Live!

Soul Saga Squabblings Chasing Mithos
Jun 25, 2015

Hey again! I just wanted to let you know that I made some critical bug fixes reported from Beta v6 as soon as I heard about them! The updated build (v6.1) should now be live in the Humble Bundle store for you to download. Thank you very much for all of the great feedback and […]

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Soul Saga – Update 18 – Beta v6 Live!

Soul Saga Cake Difficulty Preview
Jun 23, 2015

Hello, Friend! How have you been?  I hope your summer is going great!  Soul Saga has made some awesome progress over the past month, and I’m here today to share it with you! Updating Engines Porting from Unity 4 to Unity 5 Most of the time spent over the past month was on porting Soul Saga from […]

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Soul Saga Beta v5.1 Live!

Soul Saga Mean Squabbles Game Over
May 19, 2015

Hello, Friend! I just wanted to let you know that I made a quick hotfix update to address some critical bugs our amazing beta testers found in v5. This hotfix is called v5.1. It also prototypes a different type of Game Over… What should happen on Game Over? After getting feedback from internal and external […]

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Soul Saga – Update 17 – Beta v5 Live!

May 12, 2015

Hello, Friend! How has your spring been going?  The weather has been kind to my part of the world lately.  I’ve not had time to enjoy any of it because of all the work I’ve been doing on Soul Saga, but it’s worth it because I have some awesome news today! Beta v5 Is Live! Soul Saga’s next beta […]

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