Soul Saga – Update 14

Soul Saga Beta v3 Update
Jan 5, 2015

Hello, Friend! Happy New Years!  Let’s kick this year off with a juicy Soul Saga Beta update! Beta v3 is Live! Everyone who pledged extra for the beta access should now be able to access the latest beta that just went live today through their Humble Bundle accounts.  Today’s is titled “Beta v3″. What’s New? […]

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Soul Saga Beta v2 is out!

Soul Saga Settings Menu Beta v2
Nov 21, 2014

  Hello, friend! Just a quick update today to let you know that Soul Saga Beta v2 is live!  If you pledged for beta access, then you can find it in your Humble Bundle library.  If you can’t find it, please message Humble Bundle at  Please make sure to clarify with them that you […]

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Soul Saga – Update 13

Garen and Bardue Meet
Nov 11, 2014

Hello, Friend! It’s been a while!  How have you been?  Soul Saga is pushing forward, and I’ve got quite the update for you today! Beta Begins Soon! The beta is very rough at the moment and only contains about 10-15 minutes of the first portion of the game, and is not feature complete or polished, […]

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Soul Saga – Update 12

Soul Saga Dialogue Scene between Mithos and Elise
Jul 6, 2014

Hello, friend! I missed you!  How have you been?  Soul Saga is moving along great.  My personal health took a dip a few months ago when I became bed ridden from a ruptured disc in my spine.  I have barely been able to walk, and unable to sit for about 3 months now.  The doctor says […]

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Soul Saga – Update 11

Soul Saga Alpha Combat Screenshot
Apr 17, 2014

Hello, friend! I missed you!  How have you been?  Since the last update the team has been working hard pushing Soul Saga forward to bring you an awesome game.  We’re all really excited where things are at, and today I want to show you a tiny bit of what we’ve been working on. Gameplay! I’ve […]

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Soul Saga – Update 10

Soul Saga Dunhaven
Feb 9, 2014

Hello, friend! Soul Saga’s development is going along great!  A lot of progress has been made behind the scenes, and we’re definitely in budget to nail out every one of the stretch goals we met!  We’ve got several dungeons functional, the cut scenes are being scripted in, and the combat basics are functional.  Pretty soon […]

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Soul Saga – Update 9

Soul Saga Manticore
Jan 19, 2014

The Coding Begins The past two weeks I have been working literally non-stop on getting the code base for Soul Saga set up.  I had originally planned on jumping right in to the combat prototype, but as I sat down for the code, I realized it would be a much smarter idea to lay the […]

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Soul Saga – Update 8

Soul Saga Elise Pose 1
Jan 4, 2014

Happy New Years! Hello, friend!  I hope you had some great holidays and your new years is going swell!  I’d say Soul Saga’s new year is off to a really great start. Elise’s Redesign Seriously, why do I do it?   Is it because I love you so much?  Well if it is, I have […]

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Soul Saga – Update 7

Ai Normal Idle Pose
Dec 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! I hope you are having some great holidays.  Santa Cake stayed up all night programming in the new Soul Saga character and rendering out some video for your enjoyment. Ai Ai is the newest member of Mithos’ team.  I could describe her with words… but instead we’ve created a video for you. The […]

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